Girlish Love Revo: Ryutaro Wakatsuki’s route

(Another one of my drafts. Enjoy!)

Helloo~ In this post I’ll be talking about our fave sensei, Ryutaro Wakatsuki! n_n

(((the CG from his Friend END orz)))

I finished this guy’s route for no reason at first, and he was like a third choice because I wasn’t that attracted that much. But since number three is my lucky number…. HELL, DAMN HELL, HE’S A FREAKING HOTTIE. Even after I ended the game and played Masaki’s route, I thought of this sensei. Seriously, I just can’t move on lol. I opposed to the idea of dating teachers, for some reason. Because it’s always one-sided. But this sensei, I tell you… Sheesh. Irresistible.

I will try to make this post less-biased and from a third person point of view. Here we go.

Wakatsuki sensei is your infirmary teacher, which was introduced quite at the start of the game. He’ll then shoo your friends away and then ask you personally the reason why you fainted at the start. And then poof! A CG of him poking your eyes mwahahaha.

Keep in mind though, he is not like the sensei(s) in TMGS series, or any other otome games I played so far… I think.

This sensei smokes, drinks alcohol, talks like a pervert, and yet he cares a lot for others. In this case, he cares a lot for YOU. Must I remind that even if you play someone else’s route, keep in mind that actually Wakatsuki sensei is responsible for your dieting courses (although this was never mentioned, I think. I made the conclusions myself because I think it’s fairly true.) I don’t know about you, but I do think that drinking alcohol and smoking is bad for the health. But to hell with it, he’s still as healthy. I guess his habits like these makes people gives him a bad first impression, because it happened to me.

His appearance, as you can see… He has a ponytail blue hair, matching with his blue eyes. And he wears headphones, for whatever reason that is. I don’t know, but it looks good on him~

On through the game, you’ll find out that he actually is the son of the grocery shop owner that you always go to, and he also has an ex-girlfriend. Yikes, the pain of the past! And then cues the said girl came later in the playthrough, being a pretty matured lady. Skipping through, during Christmas I think, the girl wanted to talk to him personally but sensei ditches her to get you home before actually meeting her. Yay for us! Around before this occurs, you would have to decide whether to ask sensei’s father about the said girl, or not. Which happens to be the decision you’ll have to make, to get which ending.

I finished the Friend END route, so I’m gonna continue where I saved just to get his Happy END again. Because he’s irresistible, I tell you. Yeah, I could finish his route a lot of times if he tells me to haha ok.

His Happy END is really adorable. Hints; piggy-back rides and stealing a kiss under the table hyuu hyuu~ On the other hand, the Friend END basically ends with a CG where… well. A (sort-of) scary music plays in the background, while he talks about teaching you about sex appeal… It may be scary for some, but fret not, he wouldn’t come out of your DS screen to get you!!

All in all, I think he’s a really reliable, awesome, self-praise freak, and perverted sensei. Personally, I like guys like this. Umm, well but that’s me so judge all you want. I like forceful characters hehe. Oh and his secret ending is… hella. Be prepared to blush like crazy or squeal like mad when going for his route!! It’s also helpful that he only wants you to weight at least 55kg, but heck, just go for 45kg if you got nothing to do.

I guess that’s all for the post. I love Ayato-senpai but this sensei just got ahead of that senpai. Sensei, senpai…. I just love guys older than me haha. Welp, good luck to everyone! And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments if you’d like. Thanks for reading, bye bye~

(p.s: I got Tora’s (the guy at Blue Blood Devil who is also a hot freak) CG while going through sensei’s route  so I… wish I can hug these two… I’m so thankful sobs)


4 thoughts on “Girlish Love Revo: Ryutaro Wakatsuki’s route

  1. nyankoto

    Okay, so I’m a 100% otome virgin. From what I understand, most of the yaoi games aren’t available in English (you need a patch). Is that the case with shoujo/josei games, too?


      1. littlemochii Post author

        Creators of otome games for the PC platform usually make games that are available for the windows, mac and linux so I guess it’s all good ^^ Some games need emulators, like the NDS, but I’m not sure whether they actually run on mac or not.


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