Manga Overview: Cat Street

Hello. This post was typed pretty much right now and I didn’t stack it in my drafts. Because I just want to share the love for this manga since forever, and I guess now is the time. Yay? Yay!

Summary: The story centers around Keito Aoyama, a former famous child actress. Due to a childhood incident, she retired from her career early and withdrew from normal society. Now 16, she passes her days in boredom and without purpose. But one day she runs into a stranger who takes her to El Liston–a free school for high school students like herself, who don’t have a place where they belong. Though hesitant at first, Keito decides to enter El Liston and subsequently, she begins a new stage in her life. With the help of her only remaining childhood friend, Taiyou, and her new classmates Rei, Momiji, and Kouichi, Keito slowly finds the courage to open up to others and to accept their support. Will Keito return to acting? Will she find true friends? Love? 

Genres:Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice Of Life

I read this manga about… a few years ago? Yeah, but it gives me this feel where other mangas don’t. And now being a teen myself, I understand the depression she’s going through. I have depression, but it’s a different case.

Looking at the art, you might not get interested because the art nowadays and the art 7 years ago are different. Yes, it’s that long but that isn’t a problem I guess. When I first read it at that time, I wasn’t that interested as well. I mean, at first glance the art is pretty average, and back then all I was expecting was a great romance, shoujo stuff. But this manga is more than that. It’s more to slice of life.

It’s about the girl in that cover, and how she copes with her life while meeting new people. What’s more, there’s a free high school in the manga omg. The principal of the school took her in, and the school is just… awesome. No uniforms, pretty much 90% freedom because you can involve in any activities and study whatever you like, and no school fees! I just wish there’s a school like that here haha.

And while she’s at that school, she learns about her own life, of how to live (I suppose) and well, of course, school romance. This is quite a good part to tell but since I’d re-read it later, I’ll skip the spoilers hohoho. And then there’s friendship, and some family love. Full of emotions and everything in between, yeass. She became friends with people of different backgrounds, yeay. 

I’m sorry that I’m just awkward at promoting stuff like this… Usually I’ll be hyped, maybe I’m just not into it today ;;; That’s why I called my posts ‘overview’ rather than ‘review’. I do think there’s a difference…

But still, if you have time, do read this one! It’s pretty underrated, and I love underrated stuff. If you have any suggestions on what underrated or any manga/anime I should get myself into, do let me know! I wanna fill up this blog with posts before I get really busy in a few months heheh.

All in all, I’d rate:

Plot/Storyline: 9/10
Art: 7/10
Everything else: 4.50/5

Hah. I guess that’s all hehehe thanks for reading, bye~


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