Girlish Love Revolution – Tips, Tricks and Extras.


Just a heads up. I won’t be making a review for this game, but I’ll post on routes and extras like this. I lack the confidence to write reviews at times, because I’ll end up not knowing what to write. I have a TeniPuri: Girls Be Gracious review in drafts. It’s finished, but I’ll post it sometime later. Now, let’s get on with the game!

(Yes, I post games that are released/translated long ago because I can.)

I might edit and update this time by time, so I’ll notify further updates. For more details, you can just view almost every useful information at the Love Revo Guide. Thank you for the translations and patch and everything, you guys rocks!

Okay, I’ll point out the basics which I always do during my playthroughs, and some that I don’t point out are all in their guide, so I’m sorry if this post lacks a lot. Oh, make sure you have enough money in the game, aight?

Things that you should get on the early stages of the game to lose weight quickly:

  • Visit Nippon-Ichi on a red day/holiday and buy Sturdy Sauna Suit (8,900¥).
  • Visit Elizabeth on a red day/holiday and buy a rowing machine or/and aerobics bike. Not the rental ones, alright?
    – Rowing machine (7,900¥) improves weight, arms and muscles. I prefer this one as it’s cheaper, and I like it better.
    – Aerobics bike (18,000¥) improves weight and legs only.
  • Once you bought these stuffs, use them in the ‘full-body’ diet command, and use the sauna suit alongside with whatever machine you choose. It can also be used when you choose the ‘walk’ command.
  • Buy watermelons during summer because… just do it. You’ll see the miracle when you munch on them.

To win SD Dolls, you gotta play games at Blue Blood Devil.

  • Fat is Good!!: increase the chances of winning SD Dolls by only completing 7 sets of deserts. If you’re lazy like me, just ditch the 8th deserts and wait for the timer to go off.
  • Rub! Love! Panic!: I got Kaede’s SD Doll playing this game, and this game is kinda hard. At that time I scored around 480, so I guess make sure to score around that…
  • Flip ‘Em KIMONO Boys!: To hell with getting SD Dolls, let’s defeat Yurika!! Heh, well I’m not sure if you can earn SD Dolls with this game but I’d play this just to go with the flow lol.

To make your guy likes you a lot,

  • Visit him on Sundays, and put that QL and QS to a good use. Reload till he goes out with ya, and when there’s a question during dates. The ding is your ‘congrats, it’s the right answer!’ I think.
  • On the first Sunday of every month, visit Yaminabe collectibles. Buy the Mail Block if you haven’t already, and buy the items that associated with your aimed characters there as well.
    – For example; if you’re aiming for the sensei, buy things like an ashtray, headphones and a coat. (I only did this with sensei’s route hehe peace yo)

As you know, they say if you visit Nippon-Ichi a lot of times, you’ll get something that could be sold for a sum of money, aight? It’s true, and it’s really helpful. But guess what, if you visit other stores just as much, you’ll get a special item that could be sold for a lot of money as well! I did with Marble Item Shop and Blue Blood Devil, but well at that time the money don’t come in handy anymore hehe.

I think there are extra CGs with the shops as well, because tadaa!


It’s a CG of Tora, the guy at Blue Blood Devil! I love this guy, and I was really attracted to him. Too bad he isn’t one of the pursuable characters boo. He works at the game center because he’s in a band, so… yeah. He also said he stopped going to school. And that he finds it easy to talk with Hitomi ^^ Sheesh, punk rockers are the best ;;; But his style rocks omg

I guess that’s all. Please look forward for more updates to come. Bye~


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