The Second Reproduction: Overview & Thoughts


This post was typed about a week ago, and I guess it’s time to post it. Yes, a post about my currently favourite otome game, The Second Reproduction!

(nope not gonna put in summaries and all that because lazy there’s already a lot of them out there)

So, I’ll be talking about this game even if many people have played it. We don’t have the same brain nor heart so that’s why this post is full of my personal opinions. It’s a thoughts post, not really a review but whatever. Let’s get it on.

My first impression, which took me so long to even consider downloading is the fact that even the summary has so much weird names, of kingdoms, queens and all. But then again, I’m so curious yeahhh. I downloaded for three days but finished in just two days do u feel me

Anyway, I was just loafing around, trying to get a grip of the game and played with nobody’s route in particular during my first playthrough. I thought I’ll get a bad ending, which personally I think aren’t bad endings at all. Then dumm dumm everything in the game came to me like a freaking wave of emotions and halfway I’m like omFG THESE PEOPLE AND DEMONS WHY SO—

Thus I started liking Jin even though I’m going for Gardis. There’re so many deep emotions in it, and this is a realllyyy brilliant gameeee. I’d give 10/10 and I’m just gonna ignore the fact that The Gap thing confuses me in a lot of ways. I mean, is that possible? Turning back time like that? But I wasn’t interested much, I mean, the story is interesting maynn so what. That’s just me though.

An overview about the routes. Okay, let’s go!

Gardis’s route.
I see that many people like him. Well it’s undeniable that he’s one hell of a demon. His storyline was good too, and we, as the players, know the truth about the demons in the game yayy. They aren’t that bad after all. And before they start the second reproduction, you know when Lezette died in Gardis’s arms? My heart broke so much omfg I thought it was the end of the game. The playthrough is quite long for me, maybe more than 4hours? Because it’s my first time playing. And I like how he adores Christina so much, I feel like he is gonna worship her hahaha. I love guys like that :3 So for his route I’ll give a 4/5 yay!

Jin’s route.
Contrary to everyone else, I went through Jin’s route first instead of Lezette. Of course halfway through his route I’m like “the heck???” but that’s just the kind of guy he is! You know, guys that smile all the time and yet their hearts are hidden inside? But this guy is into those 18++ stuff no doubt.  Though a lot of people hate him for it, I’d say I love him so much it hurts. He’s obsessed with Christina later in the game and that is just adorable ok. It’s like, I finally found an otome game character that I really want to have in life. My perfect ideal type in a game. I know I’ll be judged for this, but maybe my point of view is just different from yours heheh. Sooooo I’ll give him 4.98/5 because no full marks, he is violent. Sadistic is a plus. And omFG HIS VOICE, WHO IS HIS SEIYUU OMG. (And when he asked “which man were on your mind just now?” MY HEART DIED. LIKE HE WAS REALLY SCOLDING ME. BUT I LOVE THAT PART SO MUCH. I LOVE HIS VALENTINE’S STORY THE MOST, DONT ARGUE WITH ME PLS)

Lezzete’s route.
….Sorry, but this guy is dumb.  Maybe in a good way, maybe not. Please don’t be offended ;;; Reminds me of someone in my class who is always like that. Slow in making moves, always thought that he should back off for someone else’s happiness. It’s good in a way but personally, if you want something or someone, then fight for it! He’s adorable at times, but my ears hurt when I listen to him… Okay actually, he’s a good guy. I’m just biased heheh sorry. I’ll give him 3.56/5, because I can.

Other characters are overall great as well. The Queen, omg she’s so fab. I know she’s bad and all but dayumm. I didn’t know that the story in the theatre was hers, look at how slow I am. Can I be her? Like, seriously hahaha I’m left handed as well and I want to be a queen instead of a nice ol’ princess. No stopping me~

The music and everything else is just perfect, it hurts. I feel like emotions going through me almost everytime I play. Can I replay it a lot of times omg it’s just so fun.

Though I have some questions when I first played it. Like “where do I go now???” or “why is there a church in a demon village???” and that’s just me being a dumb gamer. 

The conversation in Gardis’s route where they wanted to decide who marries the baby Chris was carrying was hilarious, I was laughing so much it hurts ;;; 

All in all, this is more than just an otome game with the aim of ‘dating one the guys’. There’s just so much more to it, you will be swept off your feet (lol cheesy). If you’re ready for some bloody fights, some 16+/18+ contents (you choose), and being praised on and off, then play this game! If you already did, tell me what chu think in the comments aighttt.

Guess that’s all heheh thank you for reading, byeom~


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