A Warm Welcome.

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for making your way here! I’m Nadia, and nice to meet/know/see?/have you (here)!

And if you don’t know, let me tell you. This is an otome-gaming blog, which also includes anime, manga and everything in between in my future posts. Reviews, tips and all, I’d be posting them based on my own preference/opinions, without sounding like a fangirl squealing so much. 

I made this blog to kill time, and with the fact that I already have like 4 posts in drafts. Yeass, I’m excitedd because I have my wifi back! That story aside, I’ll be posting mostly about games that had been released/translated years ago, because hell, the review I found for them are so few. I need to get my thoughts out here one way or another, heheh.

This is not my first time making blogs, so don’t worry about me stumbling my way through because we all have flaws in blogging. But whatever, it’s not like there’s a specific guideline to blog, right?

You can expect posts of Girlish Love Revolution, Pof: Girls Be Gracious, The Second Reproduction, Tsubasa Chronicles and some awesome manga in between in the very near future. I hope you future readers enjoy reading them, and I would like to have fun with all~ 

That’s all, thank you andd yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!! ❤


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