Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds & Edo Blossoms — Overview and Thoughts


I used to write about the Hakuoki for the PSP back in 2014 (and it’s cringey), but who’d knew that I’d be so hooked to the series that I’d be so excited for its ports and new releases, haha.

I’m combining the two titles for this series in one post.

This will probably be long because of my attachment to this title, so more under the cut! It’s semi-spoilerish so please be warned… :’)


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Hello. It’s been a little over a year since the last post. Sorry for the disappearance. ;;; How have you guys been? I wonder if people are still going to read this, but I’m going to post it as a little update anyway hehe.


There have been a lot of things going on and things have been and may get even more overwhelming, but I hope you guys take care and stay safe! It will all be alright and it’s okay to move at your own pace! That’s what I’ve been trying to do; I’ve been playing games and gathering the courage to post this and… finishing up my drafts.

I’ve decided to clear my gaming and writing backlogs so there might be a few posts scheduled and posted here soon, haha. I’ll be finishing and playing games that I’ve started since my school days (which includes NDS, 3DS and PSP titles) and hopefully, will catch up to the current games that I play that will take a while (FE3H, Animal Crossing).

I’m really excited to be playing everything again because now that I’ve got quite a fast-running computer, I can run even the old games quickly and will be able to review a lot more things. I love sharing my thoughts. But recently I’ve been really worried and self-conscious about my writings. It’s still true but I want to be a little brave and put my thoughts out there again and share about the media that I’ve consumed.

I haven’t posted anything in a while here, and I feel that it’ll be awkward if I just suddenly churn out posts one after another. I’m thankful to have a lot of people following this blog – I genuinely want to thank you for giving me a reason to keep on writing out my thoughts on various titles. However, if you think that my content is not up to your liking (anymore), please feel free to unfollow. ^^

But yeah, on that note, my reviews are mostly biased and full of feelings that sometimes I feel like it couldn’t quite deliver that actual content of the game, but I think that could also be a point of me to write – to make other people want to play the game I played, haha.

It’s really scary for me to actually write this and thinking to finish up my drafts (I have a huge writing backlog and thoughts that I want to share), because I feel like I’ll be updating the games that people don’t play anymore or don’t know of… Then again, I’ve been learning Japanese to play otome titles for the PSP that aren’t translated, so I guess more or less I’ll always be updating games that aren’t the trend now, haha. But if you’re still here despite me updating titles from 10 years ago, thank you for being here with me. I really appreciate it :’)

I feel like, if I’m able to clear at least half of my backlogs for both gaming and writing for this blog, I’ll be satisfied and won’t feel like it’s a waste of staying at home during the pandemic. Of course, this is just me pressuring myself, haha. But I still want to spend these days writing a lot. …And for those who knows that I was involved with the Ayakashi Gohan translation patch, yes, I haven’t even played it too. I’m :’) sorry :’)

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to updated today. In short, here’s a hello after a long while and a heads-up that the upcoming posts are from titles that comes before 2020. Ah and, I might be updating about K-dramas and J-dramas because I’ve been into them a bit, lately. Hehe.

I feel much better after typing this update. Thank you all for reading and see you in the next post! Bye~

7’scarlet – Overview and Thoughts

Hello. Wow, it’s been two years since I last made a post about otome games. I was hella busy since the past year… but I’ve been able to play a few good titles recently, so hopefully this blog will get back on track on updating again, yay. (I know, I’ve said that a lot but ehh). Also, I haven’t written reviews in so long, so sorry if it’s kinda weird, haha.

In this post, I’ll be talking about 7’scarlet, the newly released otoge that was brought to the west by Aksys. I’ll have to admit that this post is kind of spoiler-ish. So, here goes!


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Long time no see. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’d like to thank you if you’re actually reading this blog. I want you to know that I really appreciate it. ❤

It’s been almost a year since I actually posted an actual content instead of an update, wow.

As things have winded down (or is winding down, at least) for me, I’m trying to fix a regular schedule on blogging. This blog has been dead for months with so many drafts (and backlogs) and as long as I haven’t posted anything, I feel like I’m missing something in my life, haha.

I actually feel bad updating this blog after releasing the Ayakashi Gohan patch. While we all did our best to finish the patch, somehow things went wrong here and there and I have no idea how to fix them. I feel so bad for not replying the comments and even emails that was sent to me asking about the errors in the patch. I’m so sorry guys, I really have no idea how to help. ;;; Some people who used our patch actually finished the game so I was wondering if it’s an error that depends on the computers being used… or not. I don’t know. If I update things here, it might look like I don’t care about the patch anymore but that’s not true. I still try to reply to some comments and emails, just not as much. I hope some of you can understand this, haha… ;;;

Anyway. I’m just here to say that I’m back to blogging after this, so stay tuned~ And thank you so much for reading! ❤

Smoll Update


Just a small update to say that I’m alive and breathing, and just finished on releasing the patch for Ayakashi Gohan, here.

I’m currently really busy with university (it’s my first sem here and I already feel like crying) but welp! I didn’t feel good to update this blog unless the patch gets finished and now that it is finished, now I don’t have the time to update lol. But it’s alright, I’ll try my best anyway and have fun at the same time.

Anyways, more positive vibes!!! May we are given the strength to get through everything!

If you’d like… and appreciate my part of hard work… you can donate here at my ko-fi page, to help me get through life haha. If not then that’s okay!

Hopefully I can give you guys more reviews soon so… see you! ❤ And thank you so much for reading!